Almost a Hypernova

It’s far to long for me to admit to since I started my Hypernova – bought the pattern and knitted the small version after a Sheddite weekend at York, probably in 2012.

It took me a while to find the right yarn to knit the lace weight version, and having go started on it, it soon became a UFO.  I think the reason for this were a) because I wanted it for me, and b) because I didn’t have a time limit for knitting it.  Somehow it’s always easier for me to stick with a pattern when I want it for someone else!

It found itself on my “to do” list for 2015, and didn’t get a single row done.

Shamed by having to pass it over to the 2016 “to do” list, I decided it was time to give myself a good talking to and get on with it – 6 rows a day, until I’ve finished.

I’m currently working at a little over 850 stitches to a row – almost 30 minutes of knitting! Still, if I keep to the plan, it will be finished by the end of the month, and my current lump of knitting will transform into a wondrous thing……unnamed


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