Lukewarm Llama it is, then.

Pretty much everyone, it seems, makes plans at the beginning of a new year – even those of us who don’t ‘do’ resolutions seem to start afresh – try harder at something, declutter, get organised, etc.etc.

This year, I admit on day one that I’ve already signed up for too many KALs and CALs.  It remains to be seen how many of those will actually get to completion.

Recklessly, I also committed to attempt a stash reduction, though not going the complete ‘Cold Turkey’, just what the forum describes as Lukewarm Llama – whereby I just aim to end the year with less yarn in the cupboards than I have today. There are monthly updates, and I suspect I will also bore you with my progress here to help keep me on track.

I’ve revisited the Interminable list, and hopefully made it more manageable for the year.

I’ve taken the plunge and ended my subscription at Ancestry, moving to Findmypast. I just really disliked the new format at Ancestry, so I now have a brilliant opportunity to reorganise, prune and update the family tree – something else to bore you with, dear reader.

I’m hopeful that getting back on the straight and narrow with my eating will mean that by summer I might fit into the clothes that wouldn’t fasten last summer.

We’ll see…..

I’ve signed up to a bunch of courses at FutureLearn – and am confident they will be completed – they’re all short, free and going by last year’s experience, should be really interesting.

There’s more, but that’s probably all I should be sharing at this point.

Welcome January – let’s see what you’ve got in store, then 😉




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