Phoenix Jess

imageWe’ve had a very poorly pooch over Christmas. Poor old Jess started being sick in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and by the time we managed to get her to the vet at nine am, she was hypothermic and dehydrated.During the vet’s examination she  lost a large amount of blood, and he quickly decided that she needed intensive care. It took most of the day to diagnose a cute pancreatitis, by which time, she was already being treated very well for all of the symptoms.

Wegot her back home on Christmas Eve evening, along with three lots of meds to get into her twice daily. Amazingly, she appears to have managed to avoid the potentially fatal complications. Christmas passed her by this year – she spent the whole time curled up on the sofa, leaving it only to be carried into the garden occasionally.  She’s had a lot of talc, and by Monday, she was fit enough to manage a short walk.

This morning, she seems almost back to normal – she’s obviously a tough little cookie!

We need to keep her on a low fat/low sugar diet from now on, but it’s a small price to pay to see her looking like her old self .


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