Love from Thimbles

imageI’ve been hiding a package from myself for about three weeks.

When it arrived it wasn’t unexpected, as I’d joined a Secret Santa swap on Ravelry, and the ‘love from Thimbles’ code on the outer wrapper was an indication that it was my secret Santa package.  This morning I was sorting out packages to put under the Christmas tree, and so took off the outer wrapper from my mystery package, only to discover that it wasn’t what I had thought.  What a lovely surprise to find a beautifully knitted pair of fingerless gloves, in the most gorgeous colours (and two scrummy chocolate squares, that are no longer available to photograph!)

When I finally worked it out, the gift I had thought to be my secret Santa package was, in fact, a thank you gift for a small favour. I just love my new mitts, and want to say a public ‘thank you’ to Eve for her thoughtfulness and time.  Plus, I still have the secret Santa package to look forward to!

Win, win, I reckon!


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