poppies and pebbles

Gathering pictures from my ‘phone this week has reminded me of several things I’d meant to blog about; like the brightly coloured mixed poppies that flowered profusely at the front of the house in summer, and from which I managed to harvest hundreds of seeds for replanting.


Autumn saw us making a coulee of trips to the National Memorial Arboretum – I blogged the first, but didn’t say much about the second trip.  We’d found a company that does etched memorial pebbles, which sounded ideal to replace the weatherworn one we had left there a few years ago.  Jess got to go with us this time, and enjoyed a good walk round the perimeter, and I popped into the SANDS garden to leave our pebble.  The garden had changed a bit since our first visit, at which point the pebbles were laid alongside the pathway leading up to the lawn and main memorial. Now there are additional plots for people to leave their stones/pebbles.  It’s sad that so much more room is needed, but great that there is such a lovely place where bereaved families may leave personal memorials without a big expense.



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