Give rabbit time….

So, it only took me two days to work out how to upload pictures from my ‘phone, and needless to say, I unearthed several pictures from earlier months that I somehow didn’t get around to blogging about.

For now, let’s just look at the Christmas markets.IMG_20151201_101925366_HDRThis was the first (only) lady swimmer we saw in the December chill. She watches over the riverside on the coldest of days.IMG_20151201_102747429_HDR

This cheeky chap was a handy landmark between markets in Koblenz, where we found two markets that I’d missed on my previous trip there.

IMG_20151204_095145461_HDRIf it;s Friday, it must be Koln! Damp and miserable before opening time, and a rare quiet moment in central Koln.IMG_20151203_155139271

An hour later, the drizzle has passed, and the shoppers are beginning to gather.IMG_20151204_111340804I was thrilled to bits to get a personal tour round the cathedral from my Ravelry pal, Annagret. Great to hear some of the interesting stories from a local 😉


One of the bridges in Bonn proudly sports many love locks – some of the sections are laden with locks whilst others proudly sport a single lock.IMG_20151202_093124240


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