Plain Dead

Plain Dead – Emma Miller

Rachel Mast runs a small bed and breakfast, close to the Amish community where she grew up. Though she left the community before taking her baptismal vows, she stayed close by and remains close to parts of her old life. As this book opens, it us early in the New Yer, and Rachel has just agreed to marry her policeman boyfriend, Evan. This in itself causes some difficulties for Rachel – should she wear Evan’s ring? [she wouldn’t have worn jewellery had she remained Amish] How and when will she tell her parents? [her mother hasn’t spoken to her directly since she left the Amish lifestyle behind].
Meanwhile Rachel is busy organising the first annual Winter Frolic, a weeklong festival aimed at raising the local profile, improving trade and celebrating winter. No sooner has she got this festival underway than the local newspaper owner, Bill Billingsby, is found bound and deceased on his front porch. There are many locals who had reason to be upset with him, not least Rachel herself, who was seen having a public disagreement with him the previous day.
As Evan investigates the murder, he becomes increasingly frustrated with Rachel’s insistence on helping his enquiries, particularly as she succeeds in making herself a ‘person of interest’ in the case.
This is an easy read – plenty of intrigue and deception, as well as an interesting insight into Amish ways.
Will Evan solve the murder? Does Rachel escape the danger which she puts herself? Is the perpetrator someone from the Amish community………?
One of a series of books, but a good stand alone read.
Many thanks to the publishers, Kensington Books for making a review copy available via Netgalley.


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