Thread and Gone

Thread and Gone, by Lea Wait

Angie Curtis moved back to her childhood home of Haven Harbor in the previous book of this series. Thread and Gone is set just a few months afterwards and whilst part of the Mainely Needlepoint Myystery series, is a good stand alone read. It’s easy reading, but fast moving, with a couple of murders and an accidental death. Haven Harbor sounds like one of those desperately unlucky places to live, This being the third murder investigation in not many more months!
Teenager Mary is about to come of age, and is sorting out the possessions in her late parents house prior to putting the house on the market when she comes of age when she comes across an old needlepoint which she thinks may be valuable. She entrusts the piece into Angie’s keeping so that Angie and her Maine Needlepointers can investigate its quality, provenance and value. Needless to say things aren’t as straightforward as Mary and Angie would hope.
The Maine Needlepointers don’t feature quite so much in this book as the previous one, though they are still there and their characters add to the story. Maine Waves, the hairdressing salon features again, leaving the reader feeling that you wouldn’t want to be a regular customer…….
I think this is what would be termed a ‘cozy’ mystery, in that it isn’t one full of blood and gore, but it’s a fun read enhanced by characters that you wouldn’t mind having for neighbour’s. Each chapter is prefaced by a short extract from either relevant historical documents, or quotations from old samplers, and Angie’s Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie recipe is included at the end.
Angie’s adventures look set to continue in the next of the series, Dangling by a Thread.
To say much about the plot would spoil the story, but it’s an easy going and enjoyable read. Thanks are due to the publishers, Kensington books, for a free copy for review, via Netgalley.


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