Entropy, Robert Raker

A series of unsolved child murders in Pensylvania gives the background for this book, which is divided into multiple narratives; each part being the story of how one individual is affected by and involved in the crimes. It starts off with the scuba diver describing his involvement in retrieving each body, and the effect on his daily life, and moves on to include an undercover agent, family member of the perpetrator and relative of one of the victims.
This book is far from a standard crime novel, and if you want to know what happens in the end, you will be disappointed – the Entropy of the title is evident in each narrative as one by one they demonstrate a decline into real disorder.
The main issue for me with this book was the writing style. It is well written, and meticulously thought out, but for me the heavy descriptive style felt cumbersome, and rather than adding to the reading experience, I felt it a bit overpowering, and distracting from the story. For a reader seeking rich descriptive text and the ability to look at a situation from several points of view, I would recommend this book. For those looking for a crime, investigation and solution, perhaps it isn’t for you.
Thanks are due to the publishers, Wattle Books for providing a pre-release copy of this book for review, via Netgalley


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