Grannies, grumbles and getting organised

It may be the approach of winter, but alongside the increase in knitting warm wool things, I seem to be having a busy time with the family history.    I’ve kept my main tree on for several years, my only bug-bear being that they are able to change the expiry date on my credit card at will.  It’s probably me making a mountain out of a molehill, but the result has been that every year I cancel my subscription as it approaches renewal time, and then renew manually; I really don’t like the idea that they can change my card details without permission.  That aside, I’ve been very happy with the site – plenty of records to search, user friendly and familiar – until now.  There have been several ‘upgrades’ whilst I’ve been a subscriber, most of them real improvements, but I just can’t get on with the latest one.  At the moment the site is allowing me to revert to the old system, but I suspect this won’t last for long – every time I log in I get a prompt to try the new, improved Ancestry.  My current subscription expires in 6 weeks or so, and I plan to use that time to upload everything to ad see how that goes.  Whilst the tree can easily be exported as a .gedcom file, the pictures and associated stories will all have to be done individually.  With a few shy of 10,000 names to work on, that could mean that this winter is already accounted for…….  On the plus side, it might just be a good opportunity to prune the branches and make the numbers a bit more manageable.  [Which will, no doubt involve a second tree because I won’t want to lose anybody]

I’ve been very fortunate to have a bunch of family history magazines passed on by a generous member of Streetlife, too.  They’re crammed with information and ideas which I need to absorb before passing them along again.

All this pushed on a way because I’ve just discovered my 4x great grandparents on my paternal grandmother’s side. This will either be an obsession for the winter months, or a frustrating departure from the comfort of a familiar site…….



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