Expanding the task to fit the time?

When you talk to retired folk, they often say that they don’t know how they ever found time to work.

Having been finished with paid work for two years now, I can fully understand this.  So many things to do, and still only 24 hours in a day.  Granted, we no longer get up before six am in order to get to work each day, but it’s fascinating how the days fill out.

The first year was pretty much taken up with moving house – selling one home, finding another, settling in, getting to know new neighbour’s and a new part of the country – so this feels a bit like our first winter of ‘freedom’.

Bongo trips filled the warmer weather months very easily, but are likely to be less frequent during the winter months.

Lone of the things we both wanted to do was to make sure we exercise our minds a bit.  We discounted full length courses from the OU, mainly because it’s difficult to justify the cost when you really just want to do the work for fun ( I love the OU philosophy and used it for my first degree).  What we have found, and would recommend to others is a great range of short courses from Futurelearn.  All of the courses are free, and run by respected ‘proper’ universities.  I’ve done a couple about WW1 (no surprises there, then!) and now Hans Christian Anderson, whilst Bob has done Moons, gravity and other more scientifically demanding subjects. Participants are encouraged to purchase certificates of participation, which are presumably of more interest to people wanting to add to their CV or portfolio of achievements prior to starting full time study, but there’s no pressure.  Another useful feature is that you can opt out if a course doesn’t turn out to be what you expected.

We still have iTunesU and a couple of other places to investigate, just need the time!

So, old age isn’t all cruises, volunteering and knitting, though, to be fair, they all have a role too……

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