Plain Return, Sarah Price

This is the fourth book of the series, and right up until the last page, I was expecting it to be the last.
Book four follows on directly after the previous one, where Amanda and Alejandro are setting off on a South american tour. Anyone who hasn’t read the other books won’t want to know the story, so I won’t elaborate.
In previous reviews I have said that I felt the books would be better amalgamated into one, and I stand by this as I got to the end of book four. It would be a long book, but, in my opinion, would be less fractured, and could be reduced somewhat by having to refer back to earlier storylines in the later books.
The style is easy to read, though, I admit I did find myself tiring of the frequent lavish description of the couple’s costumes.
I would like to thank the publishers, Waterfall Press for making a copy of these four books available for review, via Netgalley, but have to report that I won’t be looking out for book five. (Maybe the last in the series, who knows??)
I started to dislike Alejandro in book two, but kept quiet because it felt uncharitable. In book three, I was pretty sure I didn’t think much of him, and he started to really annoy me in book four. He feels like a manipulative, self-centred man with high regard for power and little regard for people. I hope it all turns out well for amanda in the end, but don’t think I’ll be finding out in a hurry.

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