Plain Change

Plain change by Sarah Price
Having enjoyed the first book in this series, I was keen to read the remaining three books. This is book two, chronicling the beginning of Amanda and Alejandro’s new life together. It picks up exactly where book one left off, and it does occur to me that maybe it would have been better as part of book one. The first book seemed quite short, and to me it would have been less disruptive to have kept them as one book. 
This book covers a relatively short period of time as Amanda learns to live life outside of her community, and in the direct glare of the media. Much it demonstrates the frustrations and joys that she finds, and it is clear that the author has a good insight into the things which would seem wondrous or frightening to Amanda. What I did find a little tedious was the repeated description of both Amanda and Alejandro’s clothing in great detail. By the time I was half way through this book, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t have bothered, had it not been part of the series. As a stand alone story, I found it rather ‘romantic’ but linked with the first book, it draws out the story of this family well. I will definitely read the remaining two books, and hope that they bring the tale back to its Amish roots.
Many thanks to the publishers, Waterfall Press for making a copy available via Netgalley  for review.


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