The Hidden Legacy – Graham Minnett

This is a sometimes disturbing tale, with the horrific death of a teenage girl in 1966 at the heart of it. Not so much a murder mystery – we know from the beginning who deliberately caused the death – more a study in how the aftereffects of the crime affect a group of people who never imagined they had any connection to it.
Alongside the conviction, and eventual release of the killer, the reader learns about how the killer’s father is affected, how one particularly dogged journalist seems unwilling to stop investigating at any cost, and how a young divorcee unexpectedly inherits a Cotswold cottage.
It sounds grim, and there are some uncomfortable parts to the story, but it is a compelling read, brilliantly put together and on the whole, an easy read. It’s thought provoking, but not a ‘heavy’ read.
The main character, Emma, is remarkably ‘average’ in so many ways, but her world is turned upside down as she eventually finds out why she now owns this pretty little cottage outside Cheltenham. She is careful not to say too much to her ex husband, and is confused by the reaction her long time advisors have when they realise she has had contact from the solicitors of the mysterious Eudora Nash.
I really enjoyed this book, and would recommend it if you like a bit of contemporary life/mystery. I will definitely look out for further fiction from this author. Thanks to the publishers,Twenty7 Books, for providing an advance copy for review, via Netgalley. 

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