I was really delighted to receive a copy of this book for review from the publishers, Howard Books, via Netgalley. Having read The Shack a few years ago and been blown away by it, I was keen to see what Eve had to offer. 
For those who have already read The Shack, the style is very similar. New readers may find it a little difficult to get used to, but it is absolutely worth persevering! 
Challenging is probably the most accurate description, but its equally absorbing, heart rending, sorrowful and joyous. I think I went through the whole range of emotions reading this book, and by the time I was at the last couple of chapters, I could barely see the words because I was blubbering so much. This is a powerful and thought provoking book, and it is easy to see why it was so long in the making. 
Essentially the story of Lilly Fields who is rescued from a shipping container when many of her travelling companions perished. To begin to describe the intricacies of the story is beyond my capability; it is truly amazing. It is imaginative, perceptive and immensely spiritual. 
I know that I need to read this book again. Probably more than once.
It challenges the readers’ self perception, and opens up possibilities that most of us probably never even dream of. 
It’s stunning. Challenging. Very possibly life changing. 


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