Plain Fame

Plain Fame by Sarah Price
Amanda Beiler is involved in a road traffic accident whilst on her way home from a trip to Ohio. Her sister, Anna, decided to stay, so Amanda is travelling alone, and when she is knocked down by a limousine carrying a famous singer, she finds ‘Viper’, rescuing her and arranging her hospital care. He takes her under his wing, letting the family know what happened, taking her back home when she is discharged from hospital, and, to his agent’s frustration, taking a week off to stay in the Amish community and enjoy the freedom of not being recognised or hounded by the paparazzi.  
Needless to say, Amanda is attracted to the man she knows as Alejandro, and the attraction appears to be mutual. As he relishes the freedom he finds, Alejandro realises that it’s time he went back to the world that pays for his glamorous lifestyle, and difficulties ensue for A,and a and her family.
This is a quick read, and an easy one. The story rolls along nicely, and it turned out to be one of those books where, when it was time to stop reading, I felt I’d just do a few more pages. It is the first in a series of books, and whilst I haven’t yet started the second book, at this point, it feels like it may have been better to make this first book longer, and add the second one as part of the first. It was a good story, I just felt it could have gone further in book one.  
I will definitely continue with the series, and may revise that opinion later on.
Thanks to the publishers, Waterfall Press, who made a copy available for me to review via Netgalley.


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