To be a lady

To be a lady, Cliff Goodwin

I received a copy of this book from the publishers, via Netgalley.
Having read a couple of Catherine Cooksons books many years ago, the biography appealed to me.  It is well written and engaging, giving lots of information and background to its subject.  I enjoyed learning more about the life and times of Mrs Cookson, and having read so much about how her early life influenced her writing, her painstaking devotion to answering the annual mountain of mail she received, and some of the inspiration behind her books, I am minded to go back and read more of her work.
The author has clearly researched his subject thoroughly, making the book interesting and absorbing.  The only thing I found distracting was the frequent  précis of book plots.  It almost felt as if this was an attempt to lure the reader to read the books, but for me it didn’t work, and I found myself skipping over the plot lines.
All in all an absorbing book, which I enjoyed reading.  I will go and read some Catherine Cookson novels, because the life story inspired it, not because of the plot lines.


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