BHCs, a retired UFO and a finished KAL. TLAs galore!

One of my pet interests is learning more about the British Home Children, who were ’emigrated’ towards the end of the 19th century and throughout much of the 20th century, usually to Canada or Australia.
I recently became aware that another memorial quilt is being organised by the Middlemore Atlantic Society.  Two of my great uncles were sent to Canada by  Middlemore Homes, and I am delighted to be able to contribute a square to thes project.  Time is a little tight, so the knitting took a back seat for a couple of weeks to get this posted in time to arrive in Canada before 17th October.
My effort isn’t artistic, or well designed, but I hope that it gives the right level of information, and it is  sent with real pride and love for these two brave boys.

 In other news, I finally decided that I’d never finish the Long ?Dog sampler I tried to revive, so that’s been gifted to a more enthusiastic stitcher to finish, meaning I now have only one UFO on the books.

A couple of new KALs  started on the Puple forum over at Ravelry, after a couple of false starts before I finally sorted out the pattern instructions and finished the knitting of Gail last week whilst we were on holiday.  That’s now blocking so a proper picture will follow in a day or two, and meanwhile I’ve resurrected my Hypernova, which has been lurking at the bottom of the work basket for far too long.


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