Threads of Evidence

Threads of Evidence by Leah Wait

Angie Curtis has returned to her childhood home, Harbor Haven, and is living with her grandmother for a few months before deciding what to do next.  Grandma is about to be married to the local minister, and Angie has stepped in to help run the family needlepoint business.
Harbor Haven is one of those quiet communities where everyone knows everyone else, and when dramatic events happen they are remembered for many years.  The local ‘big house’ has been empty for 25 years, becoming derelict and reputedly haunted by the ghost of a teenage girl who died there in 1970.
When a famous actress buys the estate, and wants to renovate it to its former glory, Angie and her friend are asked to help out with sorting the contents of the property ready for sale, and restoring a set of needlepoint pictures worked by the previous owner.
Skye West, the new owner, turns out to have been a friend of Jasmine, the girl who died at the house, and is convinced, as was Jasmine’s mother, that it was murder rather than accidental death.  Angie somehow manages to get herself roped in to investigating, and well as being involved in a more current attempted murder.
This is a light read, and quite engaging.  More of a cosy murder than a dramatic thriller – great summer reading.  It mixes Angie’s investigations with grandma’s wedding plans, and leaves just enough open ends for another book to be written in the series.
Many thanks to the publishers, Kensington Books, for sending me a pre-release copy for review via Netgalley.


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