Fruitcake Murders!

When I saw the cover and read the précis of this book I fully expected a cosy, almost amusing mid-century murder. 
Absolutely not! It’s certainly an easy read, but it’s by no means cosy.  
The story begins close to Christmas in the 1920s when an unsuspecting man accidentally comes across the murdered body of a shopkeeper. He foolishly takes the knife from the man’s back before going to the cash register to see if robbery could have been the motive. Needless to say, he is duly convicted and executed for the crime he didn’t commit.
Fast forward a couple of decades, and murders start again. The main characters in this book are Tiffany, a feisty journalist, looking for a good story, police homicide detective, Lane, who is struggling to cope with the after effects of his exploits in WW2, and a friend of his, now working as a private investigator.  
They struggle to find the links between the murders, whilst at the same time Tiffany is trying to solve what looks like a scam between the town’s fundraising santas. 
Much more complex than it first appears, this is a fast moving story, and one which ties up pretty much all of the loose ends. Many thanks to the publishers, Abingdon Press for letting me have a pre-publication copy of this cracking book for review via Netgalley.


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