Reviving the mitred squares

A little past half way through the year, this week I decided to revisit my 2015 ‘to do’ list.
I know when I start these lists that I won’t succeed in crossing everything off within the year,  partly because I always add on so many other things which I hadn’t anticipated when the list was written.
So far this year, I’m doing well. Several things are completed, and ongoing projects coming along nicely.  One thing I hadn’t made any progress with was to ‘revive the sock blankie’.
I started this project probably a little over two years ago, then other things took over and it went. Into hibernation.

Checking what I already had done, it amounted to about thirty mitred squares.   A quick trip to the blog that started me off, so that I could check what size needles I should be using (doh!) made me decide to give myself a link for the pattern, joining instructions etc.  In my usual impatient fashion, I had never read the joining instructions before.  Good job I did now, though, because the squares are joined as you go along, rather than all stitched up at the end as I had assumed.  It turns l,it that thirty seems to be a good number for the short side of the blanket, so  I could start the next part of the process 😉

So far , so good – it isn’t quick, but then it never was going to be a quick project.  At the end of joining these thirty squares, I’ll have two rows completed, and fewer sock yarn scraps in my stash.  I’m a way from needing to buy anything to complete the blankie, but I can see that if I stick with this now it’s been revived, I’m going to have to do something other than just use up skein ends as I finish off socks & mitts!  Shelly gives brilliant (& free) instructions on her blog should you fancy having your own sock yarn blankie.  Now, do I include the quarter squares, or start another blankie????  

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