Yet more twins!

Thelma and Elma are in their early thirties – when most Amish girls are likely to have married and started their own family, but these identical twins promised each other they wouldn’t marry unless the other twin had also found a man to spend her life with. At the beginning of the book they inherit their grandparents house and shop, and set off to start a new life shopkeeping and owning their own (somewhat dilapidated ) property away from the community in which they grew up.  
This is quite a short book, and doesn’t take a lot of reading – it’s fun, and interesting to read, though the story doesn’t seem to have time to get very involved. The only difficulty I had was identifying the girls from each other – maybe this was deliberate, as it would be difficult to tell them apart physically in real life, but I really struggled with the names being so similar as well!! I can’t imagine why parents would choose both Elma and Thelma to name their girls, and couldn’t help wondering if Elms felt ever so slightly let down because she didn’t really get a name of her own.
It’s a real ‘feel good’ book – nothing really traumatic, just an enjoyable, quick read. Many thanks to the publshers, Barbour, for letting me have an advance copy for review, via Netgalley


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