Twice Blessed – tales about twins

Tales about twins – we all hear about the special relationship between twins, particularly identical twins, but it’s difficult to understand how it works, unless you have personal experience. In this compilation of two separate, but linked, stories about twins, Barbara Cameron demonstrates the special twins relationship complicated further by the way Amish and English communities live alongside each other. 
In the first story, Katie and Rosie are working hard to develop their canning business whilst also working at a local store. Whilst looking alike, the girls demonstrate different personalities – Katie is the outgoing one whilst Rosie is more introverted. The story takes place in the approach to Christmas, and at the end of this first story we are introduced to Ben and Mark – identical twin brothers living in the same community. Physically the young men are almost impossible to tell apart, this time Mark is the outgoing one, Ben more quiet and thoughtful. This one is more complicated – you really need to keep your wits about you to sort out one from the other, or you will lose the storyline! 
Either story could be read independently, but together they fit well. Easy to read, and engaging, I really enjoyed reading this book. Like a few other authors, Ms Cameron obligingly includes some of the recipes mentioned in the story at the end of the book. I’m really thinking I should buy an Amish recipe book…….
Many thanks to the publishers, Abingdon Press, for sending me a copy for review, via Netgalley.


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