When your brain takes control without permission – that.

Don’t you just hate it when a plan develops in your brain without any help or encouragement?
I did this one before, when I accidentally came across the war grave of someone from my home town.    By the time we arrived home a couple of days later, I wanted to know how many people from the town were killed in WW1. That developed into a gigantic spreadsheet involving several months worth of work; then a trip to the local library to confirm some detail or other led to many more months of peering through a myopic haze at the microfilm reader as I waded my way through all of the local newspapers published between 1914 and 1919.  Several more months of transcribing my notes onto a Word document and a lot of help from my long-suffering son and I ended up publishing a book and being able to donate the £170 profit to the Royal British Legion.
All done and dusted.
Move on.
Feeling pleased with myself!

So, now we’ve moved out of county, I’ve got this out of my system and lots of other things occupy my time.
One of these other things is the daily dog walk, which just happens to take me through the cemetery.  
There are 25 war graves in our new local cemetery, most of which appear largely ignored.  I’ve managed to find most, though not all, of them and thought it would be a good way to remember these men to leave a small posy on the anniversary of each death.  
I was scuppered with the first one that turned up on my calendar – I had the grave reference, but absolutely no sign of a headstone no matter how hard I looked in the right place [or even if I looked in the wrong place].
This morning I’ve discovered that for some reason, this man’s plot is listed as  ‘Headstone for this grave is not included in the Contract’.  
I have a funny feeling that this is going to develop into something bigger than anticipated – though definitely not as big a project as the last one……

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