Promise to Keep

Promise to Keep by Elizabeth Byler Younts

Esther Detweiler lives with and cares for her aged grandmother, Orpha. He father died when she was a small girl; her mother never really accepted it, and died herself within two years. Esther has passed the likely marrying age, and for the past four years has been the sole carer for her late cousin’s daughter Daisy. Daisy is profoundly deaf and Esther’s days and months have been filled with helping Daisy to become a happy and capable child.  
As the book opens, shortly after the end of WW2, Esther struggles with loss and change. Her beloved mammie Orpha dies, and Esther’s world is turned upside down when a surprise mourner arrives for the funeral. Esther also learns that Daisy’s father, Joe is about to return from his time in the marines, and she fears that he will want to take Daisy away from her.  
Some of the tale that follows is the sort of thing you may expect from the precis, but it would be wrong to assume that the story is predictable. I found this a captivating read – the characters absorbing, and plenty of challenges about how people deal with the rules and restrictions placed upon them by their faith.  
There’s fellowship and conflict, support and deceit, memories and aspirations. 
The style is easy to read, and difficult to put down.
All in all another really good read, and I will definitely look for more books by this author. Thanks to the publishers, Howard Books, for providing an advance copy for review. 


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