Made with Love

Made with Love by Tricia Goyer and Sherry Gore

When Anna Miller and her family moved to Florida, she left behind her lifelong friend and confidante, Regina. She took with her hope for improving health for her ailing husband, John and for husbands for her five single daughters.  
Made with Love is the tale of the eldest of these daughters, Lovina, whose lifelong dream has been to run her own pie shop. Needless to say the lives of the other daughters are intertwined all the way along, and the book left me wondering whether this may be one of five books, each concentrating on a different daughter.
Just as Lovina appears to find the property of her dreams, she encounters no less than two eligible bachelors – the dashing Thomas, and Noah, who has also moved in from out of town looking for a new start. Thomas seems to have set his heart on winning Lovina’s affections, whilst Noah works hard to help her achieve her dream and guide his three young ‘apprentices’ along the right path as they live through their Rumspringga.

This is a cracking book – whilst describing some familiar aspects of Amish life, it is also very much a book of the 21st Century – with talk of social media, photography and cell phones impacting on the everyday life in town.  
Not only is it a really good story, but most chapters are preceded by an Amish proverb and/or recipe. Three for the price of one, really. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and now propose to go back through and note down the proverbs and many of the recipes. I look forward to hearing more about the fortunes of the Miller family, as their lives in Pinecraft, Florida progress.  
Grateful thanks are due to Harvest House Publishers for sending me a copy of the book for review.


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