Still no Bongo

So, we pick up the new Bongo on Friday, it feels like it’s been a long wait, but it hasn’t really.  We’ve used the time to buy the extras that we know we’ll need to make our trips away more comfortable, and have been doing a ‘dry run’ with many of the bits and pieces.  Today we’ve had five different delivery men arrive, prompting me to think that they were having a picnic around the corner, and just taking turns to pop round an deliver something!
The most exciting delivery of the day was the driveway awning – at just a couple of metres square, it’ll be a useful addition to the Bongo, and give us additional living room.
We decided we should play this afternoon rather than look complete novices on our first trip away, so Jess helped the pair of us try out the awning on the lawn.  It’s an easy job for two, but poor Jess found it all a bit much and needed to lay back and relax………….
Great help, thanks, Jess!


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