Life or Death

Life or Death by Michael Robotham 9780751552911

So, why would a man who has served a violent and painful ten year sentence escape prison the day before he is due to be released? It appears to have been a relatively simple procedure to effect the escape – he din’t need any accomplice, didn’t confide in anybody and seemed to choose the time of his departure very carefully.
At the beginning of this book Audie is struggling to cross a river and seems bound to die before the morning, but he survives and embarks on a dangerous journey which the reader hopes will explain the reasoning behind Audie’s escape.
He suffered badly in prison, attacked by both prisoners and staff.  Everyone thinks he knows the whereabouts of millions of dollars which disappeared after the robbery for which he was jailed.  It seems like everyone’s out to get Audie.
His acquaintance from prison, Moss  [apparently his mother couldn’t spell Moses!] plays a big part in the developing story, despite having no clue that Audie was about to makes a bid for freedom.  Moss too embarks on a dangerous journey.
Life or Death is a really well crafted book – there is violence and tension, but it isn’t gratuitous.  There is a love interest, but it isn’t slushy.  There are family ties and tensions.  There is corruption.
Needless to say there is a good reason for Audie needing to go into the world before the authorities wanted to let him.  All in all, a real page turner for me., which I would highly recommend.
 I am grateful to the publishers; Little, Brown Book Group for letting me have a copy of this book via netgalley, prior to general release on 15th July 2015.

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