An Amish Cradle – Beth Wiseman

I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book for review from Thomas Nelson Publishing via Netgalley. It is a collection of four short(ish) stories by different authors, each known for their novels about the amish way of life. I say shortish because they are longer than what you would normally class as a short story, enough to get your teeth into the story, and not feel cheated that it’s such a quick read that there is no substance to it. Each story follows the life of a different Amish family as they approach parenthood. Each has a different issue concerned with the birth and early days of their new offspring. One family welcomes a new daughter late in their married life, after most of their other children are grown up; another mother delivers a baby with Down’s syndrome, and the story explores some of the conflicts and joys associated with that; a third is the story of a mother worried that her husband will love his biological daughter more than her son who he had adopted when the couple married; whilst the remaining story shows some of the difficulties face by a blind mother bringing up twin daughters. Any of the stories could be read independently, and left at that, but I found that I wanted to read all of them. The writing styles of the authors are a little different, but that doesn’t make a problem; it’s almost as if it is a different person observing each family[which, in a way, it is]. I really enjoyed this book, it takes universal issues that could happen to any one of us, and looks at how people from the Amish faith might struggle with what they have to face. It demonstrates throughout that whilst we may be of different faiths, we all get the same problems and joys to deal with.


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