The Last Sicarius – Van R Mayall Jnr

This story continues the story of Dr Cloe Lejeune, her son and friends from the Vatican, following on from her adventures in the Judas the Apostle story. Many follow-on novels disappoint; not this one! I was a little unsure how the story could develop, as the first story seemed to come to such a well rounded conclusion, but develop it certainly did. Despite being a follow-on novel, it could easily be read as a stand alone novel, though I have to say I was really pleased to be able to read the first book and pass straight on to this one. Once again, I was sent a copy for review from Netgalley. This story gived Cloe a love interest – do we trust him or not?? She continues her investigations with J.E., the Monsignor – who we now know that we can trust – and a new Vatican colleague, Sergio. To say much more would spoil the story, but I can promise that it’s every bit as exciting as Judas the Apostle, just as complex and full of surprises. I would highly recommend it, and honestly think it would make a brilliant film. Thanks again to netgalley for broadening my reading horizons.


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