Judas the Apostle – Van R Mayhall Jnr

I was sent a copy of this book for review, via netgalley. The prologue introduces us to the scene of destruction at Masada as Elazar falls on his sword after killing his companions rather than be captured. At this point the relevance of the prologue was lost on me, but I soon became immersed in the modern day story that followed. Clotile Lejeune goes to her father’s funeral, to discover from her uncle that her father, Thib, was murdered in what looked like an attempted robbery. At the reading of the will, it becomes apparent that what the would-be robber really wanted was the ancient oil jar that Thib left Clotilde in his will. Clotile [aka Cloe, and her soldier son, J.E set about trying to find out what secrets the jar holds, and who killed Thib. I was sceptical at first, hoping that this wouldn’t turn into a feeble attempt to discredit biblical history, but I was soon won over by the skilful plot and writing style that drew me in very quickly. there is no pretence that this is in any way factual, and it is a rollicking good novel. I found the book absorbing and exciting – definitely looking forward to reading the next book by this author, which I also have for review. I will look out for other books by Van R Mayhall Jnr.


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