An Empty Cup – Sarah Price

I was sent copy of this book to review for netgalley, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Recently I seem to have read a lot of books set in Amish communities, and it is good to get one which is a little out of the ordinary. The story isn’t unfamiliar – the main character, Rosanna, remarries after an abusive first marriage ends with the death of her heavy drinking husband. Rosanna tries her best to be a good wife and mother whilst supporting the rest of the community. She struggles, and life becomes a real trial for her. To say much more would spoil the story, but I would recommend the book, for another insight into life in amish communities, as well as for being a good read. The author isn’t afraid to tackle what must be very difficult subjects for the community, and she does it i a compassionate and straightforward manner, demonstrating some of the challenges that the Simple life holds in the early 21st Century. I will definitely look out for more book


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