The blogger learning curve

It’s a while since I had a blog on Blogger, my last couple of attempts have been with WordPress, and it’s something of a learning curve coming back here. My last post was the first attempt to add a picture, and it’s significantly different from both WordPress, and what I remember from a few years ago. It did, however, lead me back to my Picasa albums, which I haven’t viewed for ages – it looks like it’s time to do some housekeeping there, but it was also a pleasant trip down memory lane.

This was a reminder of Easter day a few years ago – very different from the glorious sunshine that we enjoyed this Easter!

This one took me back to the Canadian Memorial at Vimy, and makes me want to go back in time for the centenary of my great uncles death next year.

And this one is the incentive I need to persevere with the exercise – those bulges are starting to reappear!!


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