Lists abound

I keep lists. They’re not always achievable goals, but I keep the list anyway. At the beginning of this year I started a craft ‘to do’ list. A reading goal. Next year’s Christmas list. There have been innumerable daily task lists and shopping lists which are not worthy of mention, other than the shopping list of things I was going to buy when my occupational pension lump sum arrived – that was great fun, and has more or less been achieved. So, the craft list is something of a moveable feast, but is currently looking like this: Baby boxes for Telford Crisis network KAL Vernal Equinox done CAL squares 16 done so far Baby boxes for Kathy 1 done, but not yet donated Revive my sock blanket Revive hexiflats Purple charityalong Prem baby stuff for Shirley 16 tops done Dress a couple of dolls for the Christmas Smile project 2015 Christmas knitting 1 shawl doneFinish Hypernova Finish at least one patchwork quilt Rag rug Reverse engineer Jen’s jumper done Scarf for Sharon done Prayer shawls for Shirley 3 done Make some bags 2 project bags done Finish cross stitch UFOs Cross stitch squares for Facebook group Finish rainbow blanket frogged Don’t like it any more ;( Round robin lap blanket If I can work out how to do it, I may well add that as another page here, to update through the year. Reading goal this year is 52 books – 14 read so far, on track for achieving the goal. Progress is monitored on Goodreads with occasional reviews on Realreaders, Shelfari and Netgalley I’ve just finished Anne Frank’s diary, and will be starting Redemption Road by Lisa Ballantyne tonight. Next year’s Christmas list is coming along nicely, but won’t be shared publicly.


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