Another new start

Up until about 18 months ago, I spent a couple of hours at the gym each morning before work. Over a period of months I developed intense pain in my heel, which was eventually diagnosed s’painful heel’! I was unimpressed by the diagnosis, mainly because it was so incapacitating, I felt it deserved a more recognisable name. [something akin to plantar fasciitis but further back in the heel – left me unable to walk more than extremely short distances for far too long]. Anyhow, after two and a bit years, it finally left me, and I decided at the weekend that I’d risk it and go back to the gym. Induction this morning was interesting – we’ve moved house, and county since my last efforts, so it was completely new. The instructor had just as many wobbly parts as I have, which was a little disconcerting, but he was pretty good, and was happy to leave me to my own devices after a quick trip round all the equipment. Easy start, just 250 calories worth of treadmill and cross trainer. There will be more energy expended next time – possibly tomorrow, if the muscles aren’t complaining too much.


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