Looking for family and finding fallen soldiers

This last month I’ve been to a couple of local-ish graveyards, looking for various family members. The first trip proved fruitless, but I did spend a fascinating couple of hours wandering round the two sites of Castleford Cemetery.  Most of the area is really well maintained by the local council, but in the older part, which is built on quite a steep incline, sadly some of the graves are in a poor state of repair. I came across one soldier’s grave which had completely cracked about a third of the way down the stone. I took a photograph and informed the CWGC, through their on line contact service, and was quickly reassured that they would attend to the problem.
The following week, I went to meet a family member at Fryston Cemetery. The last time I’d been there in early spring, local volunteers were doing a great job clearing the site, making it safe for visitors, and generally improving the setting. What a shock to discover the state of it a few months later. We took ages finding the graves we wanted, because it was so over grown, and none of the war graves were accessible at all. So, here goes Hadenmaiden on another mission. This time a letter to Wakefiled Council, who were apparently taking over the upkeep of the grounds. I was delighted to receive a response a couple of days later, describing how they were about to begin a two week clearing job before starting regular maintenence. I haven’t had chance to re visit yet [thought I’d leave it for the clearing to be done, as I’m still nursing cuts and scratches from last time!] But will be back later to see how they’ve managed to transform this.


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