RIP Harry Dean

I didn’t know Harry Dean. I’m not sure when he died – there were a dozen or so Harry Deans who died ‘for King and Country’ in the horror that was World War 1.  Thank you Harry, your death will not be forgotten.RIP Harry Dean

Since Christmas I’ve been the proud custodian of his death plaque/penny. It stands in pride of place on our history shelf alongside all the books we’re accumulating about this conflict, and I’m completely unable to pass it without at least a passing thought for Harry and his comrades. I’m truly sorry that this hasn’t been able to stay with Harry’s family, but will give it the loving care it deserves, in lieu of his family.

I notice that there’s a company on ebay offering full size replicas of these plaques, which they offer to engrave for about £12 extra, but can’t decide whether this would be a fitting memorial for a family member whose plaque is lost forever somewhere, or whether it would demean his memory.  Any thoughts on this would really be appreciated.


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