Going to see the soldiers?

I was talking with the assistant curator of one of our local regiments this week, when I realised that a lot of the search results on the web page had a “no image available” logo in place of an appropriate picture.  The first search I’d done on their site was one of these, and I knew that I had an image which would fit the bill.  Cutting a long story short, it appears that the museum would be really grateful for pictures of any graves from thier regiment that could be sent in and added to the website. I’m sure this would apply to other regimental museums, too. 

So, if you’re going to see the soldiers – whether a personal pilgrimage, or a general visit to some of the War Graves, do bear this in mind. Just a few pictures would be welcomed, to add to what the individual archives already hold. I think the way I’ll do it is to take photographs of graves from this local regiment, as I already have a link there. 

Alternatively, if you want to work in a bigger way, it’s worth thinking about the British War Graves Photographs Project which is cataloguing all of the cemeteries individually.  They already have lots of completed cemeteries, so it’s worth checkingout the web page before you start clicking. 

If that’s too daunting, and you don’t have a big trip planned, it’s always worth a trip to the local cemetery. We went yesterday to one a few miles from us, looking for a WW1 Memorial, and found a handful of war graves amongst the regular graves, one of our local regiment.  Sadly, the whole cemetery was quite neglected and very overgrown, but every one of those otherwise derelict war graves had the remains of a little poppy cross – presumably from last Remembrance Day.  If you don’t know of any personal connections, it’s also really interesting to see if you can do a bit of research on an individual that you don’t know. More on that in a later post………


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