week 1

The first week in January saw us return to full lockdown, so plenty of time to spend on the new project. Of course any task like this involves dismantling before making any improvement. Omlettes, break eggs…. you get the gist. So, the first few sets of pictures are going to look a bit like a … More week 1

Nine years on…

The older I get, the more I wonder where the years go. I’ve been doing the annual reading challenge at Goodreads for a while now, but didn’t realise until I completed my 2020 challenge, that I now have nine ‘challenge completed’ badges! It seems silly not to do it for another year to get a … More Nine years on…

Alfred Zürndorfer

Soldiers with surnames beginning with Z are unsurprisingly rare. The only one that I have knowingly visited is Alfred Zürndorfer, who was born in Horb am Neckar, Landkreis Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany on 21 February 1889 (or 1880). He died on 7 April 1918, apparently from a condition known as ‘facial rose’ a consequence of a … More Alfred Zürndorfer


A short post today as I reach the end of my genealogy alphabet. Just to say that this is usually what i’m doing by the end of a day’s searching, and I hope that it isn’t what my reader is doing having got this far Zzzzz….

Y is for Yeadon

I have Yapps, Yarrows and Yardleys in my tree, but it’s the Yeadon who really fascinate me. Somewhere between 1841 and 1851 my 2nd great grandfather’s name was corrupted from Yeadon to Haden. With a Staffordshire accent these names do sound very similar, but what really fascinates me is how the family developed over the … More Y is for Yeadon