F is for Facebook

I’m thinking that on first thoughts Facebook isn’t normally the sort of place that you’d associate with genealogy, but it’s really a valuable resource. It isn’t a place I enjoy being a part of, but the groups can be incredibly useful. The simplest way to use it is probably to hunt down family members through … More F is for Facebook

 315097 Air Mechanic 2nd Class George Frederick Frost

George Frederick Frost was born on Christmas Day 1897 in Wellington, to Frederick William Frost and Emma Jane Thomas, who had married in Wellington in 1896. George was the elder of two sons, his younger brother being born in 1906. George’s home was the local workhouse, where his father Frederick was the workhouse master, and … More  315097 Air Mechanic 2nd Class George Frederick Frost

E is for education

It might seem that there is little to talk about regarding education when researching family histories, but accessing educational records can be a rich source of detail, as well as sometimes confirming details that the researcher has already discovered. At its simplest, a search of the National School Admission Registers & Log-Books 1870-1914 can provide … More E is for education

E is for employment

It seems that the most popular/common genealogy subjects under the ‘E is for…’ heading are education and emigration. Bearing that in mind, I felt I ought to try and find something else; should it be Elizabeths? I definitely have plenty of those to talk about, but there isn’t one in particular that stands out to … More E is for employment